Sydney Jane Baily writes historical romance set in Victorian England, late 19th-century America, the Middle Ages, the Georgian era, and the Regency period. She believes in happily-ever-after stories for an already challenging world.

Born and raised in California, she has traveled the world, spending an inordinate amount of time in the U.K. where her extended family resides, eating fish and chips, drinking shandys, and snacking on Maltesers and Cadbury bars.

After obtaining degrees in English literature and in history, besides writing novels, she has spent time as a copyeditor, cat snuggler, website designer, production editor, mother of two, and faithful friend to her dog, among other endeavors both literary and not.

Sydney currently lives in New England with her family — human, canine, and feline.

Lord Despair: Beastly Lords Book One

Lord Despair: Beastly Lords Book One

Indulge in the dark, sexy new series set in Victorian England - a damaged aristocrat and destitute woman find love in a dangerous and unpredictable world...From the lush English countryside to the glittering society of Victorian London, and the shabbier side of its gambling hells, Lord Despair thoug...

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