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Announcement! Three more books in the Best-Selling series “Clash of the Tartans” headed your way!

Exciting News Today!!

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Dragonblade Publishing is excited to announce the continuation of Anna Markland’s best-selling series “Clash of the Tartans” Anna has signed on to write 3 more books in the series.

Highlander Adventure…and Rip-Roaring Highlander Comedic Romance!!

Book 4 – Kilty Party is now available on Pre-Order.

 “Pre-Order Kilty Party Today!”

Clash of the Tartans
Book 1 – Kilty Secrets
Book 2 – Kilted at the Altar
Book 3 – Kilty Pleasures
Book 4 – Kilty Party (Now on Pre-Order)
Book 5 – Kilts in the Wind (Coming April 2020)
Book 6 – Kilts Ahoy! (Coming August 2020)