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Author interview with Allison B. Hanson

Winning Her Duke comes out in a few days! Allison was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

You can get your copy of this regency romance with a Scottish flair HERE!

Did you always know you wanted to be an author? What is the first story you remember writing? How did you get from there to where you are today?

I never planned to write anything. In fact, I wasn’t a huge reader before “That Night.” On November 20, 2009 at around 4 a.m. I woke up with a story and couldn’t go back to sleep. I got out of bed and went to the computer to put down the idea, but more of the conversation between the characters kept coming until most of the story was there. I never finished that first book. But that is still how my ideas usually come to me. My characters often wake me up and force me to do their bidding.

How much research do you do into the time period and places you write about?

Way more than is needed! I often start looking for the answer to a question and then get pulled down the rabbit hole by all kinds of other interesting things that never end up on the page. I have maps of England and Scotland in my office for calculating distances.

What are your favorite kind of characters to write? Do you have a specific trope that you’re drawn too?

I like cinnamon roll heroes. Gruff on the outside, but warm and gooey on the inside. It’s fun to make them care about someone so much they would do anything for their love. As far as a trope, I like friends to lovers a lot. There’s something about seeing that bond of friendship change into something more. And as a reader/author, it’s fun to see it unfolding before the characters do.

Which comes first for you: the plot or the characters?

The characters, definitely. I feel as if they are real people I’ve met. I know what they would do in any situation which then helps as they tell me their story. Many times I get a conversation between characters and that develops into the plot.

Do you know where the story is going before you begin, or does it come to you as you write? Do scenes come to you fully formed or are you as surprised as the reader?

I have a good idea of what is happening ahead of time. I usually write notations of key scenes. Occasionally when I come back to write that scene it will change and take me in a different direction, but I know where I’m going.

Do you write better in the morning or evening? How do you handle the distractions of working from home, especially if you’re sharing the space with others?

I am a project manager during the day, so I write in the evenings and weekends in my office. I swap out my work laptop for my writing laptop and keep going.

When it’s difficult to physically travel, how do you find ways to escape?

I enjoy running. I like to be moving when I need to work something out. I also play the drums which is a great escape.

From all your books, who is your favorite hero and why?

I really love them all. From my Scots and Scoundrels series I would say Kit, from the third book Tempting Her Viscount, is my favorite. He’s witty, and the banter between him and his best friend’s older sister is a lot of fun.