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Author Interview with Cara Maxwell

In Bed with a Blackguard is out tomorrow! Cara was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

You can get your copy of this thrilling historical romance HERE!


Did you always know you wanted to be an author? What is the first story you remember writing? How did you get from there to where you are today? 

I was pre-law in college, ended up teaching elementary school for ten years, and then became a full-time mom and author. I actually wrote my first book while on maternity leave with my daughter. I was frustrated at the prospect of going back to work and leaving my daughter, and my husband encouraged me to “write my way out.” Two years later, I resigned my teaching job and have been using my writing income to supplement staying home with my daughter. Most of the time, I’m still shocked this is my life!

What is the most inspiring place you’ve visited and has it shown up in one of your books?

I just returned from two weeks in Scotland, and let me tell you: the Scottish Highlands are coming to my books. As soon as I can manage it. Hands down, Isle of Skye is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

What are your favorite kind of characters to write? Do you have a specific trope that you’re drawn too?

If it were up to me, every book I write would either be an arranged marriage or second chance romance. Those tropes are my favorite to read and to write, probably because they are inherently messy and the characters’ emotions drive the story. Alas, I do write other things to keep myself sharp!

Do you write better in the morning or evening? How do you handle the distractions of working from home, especially if you’re sharing the space with others?

I do technically have a dedicated office in my house (painted bright pink and filled with books, of course) but as a mom with a 4-year-old, no space is really “my own.” I am really good at writing in five to ten minute snatches of time while my daughter draws or plays on the floor in my office. But if I really need to get work done, I can often be found at a coffee shop or bar. Martinis make the best writing fuel!

What do you like to read when you’re not reading in your genre? Did you have a favorite book or series when you were growing up?

I am currently OBSESSED with fantasy romance. Kindle Unlimited has been a dangerous place for me… there is so much amazing romance on offer and I tell myself the more I read, the better the value. Of course, I never read when I should be writing … 😉