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HOT NEW RELEASE from C. H. Admirand! Get book two in The Duke’s Guard series today!

London’s most sought-after modiste’s shop has been broken into…but only Lady Aurelia’s gowns have been destroyed… A formidable foe resurfaces as vile and vicious slander spread through the ton. The target—Earl Lippincott and Lady Aurelia… Sean O’Malley, head of The Duke’s Guard at Lippincott Manor in Sussex, is sent to London to investigate the latest…

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HOT NEW RELEASE from Emily EK Murdoch! Get book seven in the Twelve Days of Christmas series today!

It’s 1817, with geese flocking just before Christmas—but Maria’s all alone… Maria Fitzroy wants to do just two things this Christmas: avoid all questions about her matrimonial prospects, and see more of this strange Mr. Walter who appeared at Chalcroft asking strange questions. He’s new to the village, mysterious and handsome, and has a strange fascination…

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HOT NEW RELEASE from Sofie Darling! Get book three in the Windermeres in Love series today!

Italy...fair Juliet...a Scottish laird... This isn't the love story you're expecting! He loves me… Scene:  The Italian countryside, where Miss Juliet Windermere awaits a confession of love from the man of her dreams. What she gets is a declaration that she looks like the woman of his  dreams…who is currently a thousand miles away—in Scotland. She loves…

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