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From the President/CEO Kathryn Le Veque Welcome to Dragonblade Publishing. Started in 2012 as a small-press publisher my own personal novels (and there are a lot of them!), Dragonblade started out as an imprint of one. But I had bigger and better ideas for my imprint, to help more Indies achieve small press success, so Dragonblade…

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Exciting things coming in 2018

Exciting things coming in 2018 Dragonblade has some exciting tales coming in 2018, including more books from bestselling authors Chasity Bowlin, Mary Lancaster, and Violetta Rand. We also have a new Medieval series coming with Rosamund Winchester, and more books to existing Highlander series by Victoria Vane and Anna Markland. 2018 will see Dragonblade focus heavily…

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