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A Lyon’s Pride

Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made... unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.

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About the Book

Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made… unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives… and loves.

Pride tore them apart—can forgiveness reunite them?

On the death of his father, Mason Redstone returns from the militia to claim his title, only to discover his family estate is nearing bankruptcy. He needs money, and he needs it quickly. What better means to secure it than a rich wife, courtesy of Mrs Dove-Lyon? Having loved, and lost, in his youth, a marriage of convenience is the solution to his problems.

Lily Diamond has known known poverty and hardship, and now runs a successful insurance enterprise. Having hardened her heart after her childhood sweetheart abandoned her a decade ago, she’s looking for a titled husband to give her daughters the position in society which was denied her. When she calls upon her mother’s old friend, Bessie Dove-Lyon for help in finding a match, she stipulates that the suitor must have no expectations regarding love, or the marriage bed.

When Lily’s prospective suitors take part in one of Mrs Dove-Lyon’s games, the Black Widow of Whitehall weaves her spell once more, then presents Lily with her betrothed—the very last man on earth she thought she’d see again.

Can Mason prove to Lily that he’s conquered the pride which tore them apart? And will Lily trust him enough to reveal the secret she’s been keeping for ten years?

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Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Lyon’s Den
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About the Author
Emily Royal

Emily Royal grew up in Sussex, England, and has devoured romantic novels for as long as she can remember. A mathematician at heart, Emily has worked in financial services for over twenty years. She indulged in her love of writing after she moved to Scotland, where she lives with her husband, teenage daughters and menagerie of rescue pets including Twinkle, an attention-seeking boa constrictor.

She has a passion for both reading and writing romance with a weakness for Regency rakes, Highland heroes, and Medieval knights. Persuasion is one of her all-time favorite novels which she reads several times each year and she is fortunate enough to live within sight of a Medieval palace.

When not writing, Emily enjoys playing the piano, hiking, and painting landscapes, particularly the Highlands. One of her ambitions is to paint, as well as climb, every mountain in Scotland.

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