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Highland Soul (Highland Outcasts Book 1)

Can a Highlander and a cordwainer’s daughter surrender to love, heart and soul?

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About the Book

Can a Highlander and a cordwainer’s daughter surrender to love, heart and soul?

Welcome to book one in the adventurous new series Highland Outcasts from bestselling author Elizabeth Rose!

From admired warriors to outcasts in a blink of an eye, these rugged Highlanders are out to find redemption.

Gluttony, lust, pride, and greed, might sound like deadly sins. However, they are nothing compared to the wrath of Old Callum MacKeefe if you break his rules while drinking in his tavern!

The Accused:
Highlander, Gavin MacKeefe. He’s been called gluttonous because of his never-ending love of food and drink.

The Crime:
Gavin foolishly breaks some of Old Callum MacKeefe’s tavern rules and ends up as an outcast of the clan. His biggest offense is breaking rule number one: Never waste Old Callum’s precious, homemade Mountain Magic whisky. His second mistake was breaking rule number nine: Never step on, or soil Callum’s Cordovan leather boots.

The Punishment:
Gavin is sent to town to help the cordwainer’s daughter since her father was attacked and left for dead. He also needs to help construct and bring back a pair of Cordovan leather boots for Callum. If not, he’ll never be welcomed back into the clan. The cordwainer’s daughter takes him under her wing, but he discovers she needs his help with her family matters even more than he needs her.

The Cordwainer’s Daughter:
Davita is the cordwainer’s daughter, trying to save their shoe business in her father’s absence. She’s asked for help from the castle. To her dismay, they’ve sent her the Highlander, Gavin MacKeefe. She’s seen this man more than once drinking too much in the town’s tavern. In a desperate deal with the MacKeefes, she promises to keep him away from whisky and to help him construct a pair of Cordovan leather boots. It should be a simple task, but when he turns out to be her savior, she has a hard time letting him go.

Two people from different walks of life find that they need each other more than they think. But can a Highlander and a cordwainer’s daughter find happiness together? One of them will have to give up everything they love if they are to make this work. Love acts in strange ways. Sometimes, it steals one’s heart and soul.

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Highland Outcasts
Highland Soul
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Series: Highland Outcasts, Book 1
Genre: Highlander
Tag: Dragonblade Legends
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About the Author
Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is an Amazon All-Star, and bestselling, award-winning, author of nearly 100 books and counting! Her first book was published back in 2000, but she has been writing stories ever since high school. She is the author of contemporary, western, paranormal, and her favorite-medieval romance.

You’ll find sexy, alpha heroes and strong, independent heroines in her books. Sometimes her heroines can even swing a sword. She loves adding humor to her work, be cause everyone needs to laugh more in life. Her Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series, was inspired by people, places, and things in her own life. The location is the lake and small town of Michigan where she grew up visiting her grandparents.

Living in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, she has two grown sons and one granddog–so far. A lover of nature, Elizabeth can be found in the summer swinging in her “writing hammock” in her secret garden, creating her next novel. Her secret garden is what inspired her series, Secrets of the Heart, which of course centers around a secret garden too!

Elizabeth’s current and upcoming books will be published by Dragonblade Publishing and independently too under RoseScribe Media Inc.

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