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How to Save a Knight: A Scottish Historical Romance Holiday Novella (Irvines of Drum)

Loving his enemy's daughter means breaking a sacred vow...

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About the Book

Loving his enemy’s daughter means breaking a sacred vow…

Marjorie Douglas is no stranger to scandal. As the daughter of an accused traitor, she’s seen too many dark deeds and lives ruined by her father. No longer the spoiled young heiress she once was, Marjorie wishes only to lead a humble life, giving back to others. Though Marjorie longs for Sir Benjamin Keith, the knight who protected her last summer from her father, she’s faced enough rejection and humiliation to risk being made a fool of ever again, especially to a hardened man who detests her family. But when an invitation to Drum Castle for the Yuletide throws Sir Benjamin directly into her path, and beneath the mistletoe, Marjorie finds that avoiding love may be more challenging than she thought.

Sir Benjamin Keith has earned his scars on the battlefield, but no wound cut him deeper than losing his wife and son to a fire. They say time heals all wounds, but for Benjamin, his vows to love only one woman feel as fresh as the day he spoke them. When Benjamin arrives at Drum Castle with his laird’s entourage for the Yuletide, he is thrust into Marjorie’s presence once again, the one woman who ever tempted him to break his vow. Protecting his heart is as essential as protecting his laird, but Benjamin is on the cusp of losing the most crucial battle of his life: the battle against falling in love with Marjorie Douglas, his enemy’s daughter.

With a dose of Yuletide magic and some help from the Irvine clan, Benjamin and Marjorie may just discover that wounds of the past heal only once hope for the future blossoms, and what they’ve avoided for so long is precisely what they need.

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Irvines of Drum
Book 1 – For Love of a Laird
Book 2 – Like a Laird to a Flame
Book 3 – Maid for the Knight

(Note: This story was first published as part of the Dragonblade Publishing Boxed set Star of Light, November 2021)

Series: Irvines of Drum
Genre: Highlander
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Mia Pride

Mia is a full-time mother of two rowdy boys, residing in the SF Bay Area. As a child, she often wrote stories about fantastic places or magical things, always preferring to live in a world where the line between reality and fantasy didn’t exist.

In High school, she entered writing contests and had some stories published in small newspapers or school magazines. As life continued, so did her love of writing. So one day, she decided to end her cake decorating business, pull out her laptop and fulfill her dream of writing and publishing novels. And she did.

When Mia isn’t writing books or chasing her sweaty children around a park, she loves to drink coffee by the gallon, get lost in a good book, hike with her family and drink really big margaritas with her friends! Her happy place is the Renaissance Faire, where you can find her at the joust, rooting for the shirtless highlander in a kilt.

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