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Introducing Miss Joanna (Once a Wallflower Book 2)

She’s hoping to find true love. He prefers to remain single and bring criminals to justice. When a dangerous gang threatens her life, his heart is on the line.

London, 1817

When Miss Joanna Dalrymple’s father inherits a fortune from a relative, he sells his haberdashery and turns his attention to seeing his beloved daughter settled in the manner he’d promised her mother. He leases a townhouse in Mayfair for the Season and engages a lady to ease their way into Society. At her first ball, Jo makes a new friend, Letitia Cartwright, who introduces her to the baron, Lord Reade. Dark-haired and handsome, he towers over most men, and his teasing manner is not what one finds on a ballroom dance floor. Jo learns from Letty that Reade is not looking to marry. It intrigues Jo. There is something mysterious about the baron. An air of danger surrounds him. But Jo has decided her husband must be a quiet gentleman who would welcome her widowed father into their house, so when the elegant Mr. Ollerton, pursues her, Jo welcomes his advances.

Gareth, Baron Reade, an agent for the crown, is investigating the disappearances of several young women at the request of the Prince Regent. The lovely redhead, Miss Joanna Dalrymple, has captured Reade’s attention. Against his better judgement, his interest in her deepens. His good friend, Brandon Cartwright, has the annoying tendency to read Reade’s mind, and to voice what’s on his. Brandon urges Reade to marry and cast aside the low spirits which have plagued him since Waterloo. But Reade refuses to inflict his dark moods and nightmares on a wife. Trouble is, Joanna, a forthright young lady, becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. Especially when it appears she might be in danger. Has she become involved with the Virden’s, the couple Reade has under suspicion? While he has no intention of caring for anyone again, he becomes determined to protect her.

Will it take a matter of life and death for them to realize they cannot live without each other?

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Once a Wallflower
Presenting Miss Letitia
Introducing Miss Joanna
Announcing Miss Theodosia

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About the Book
Series: Once a Wallflower, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Maggi Andersen

Maggi Andersen has a BA in English and a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing. Apart from historical romance, she writes contemporary romantic suspense. Her Regency series are bestsellers and have been nominated for several awards. She lives with her husband, a retired lawyer, in country New South Wales, Australia, and support the RSPCA. You’ll find animals often feature in her books.

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