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Keeper of the Gate (The Three Sisters MacBeith Book 1)

Born enemies, is their destiny to become lovers?

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About the Book

Born enemies, is their destiny to become lovers?

Since time out of mind, two clans have contested for dominance in bonny glen Bronach, known as the glen of sorrows. But now, fierce young Rory MacLeod has taken over as chief of his lands and vowed to seize all rival MacBeith holdings. Moira MacBeith, the eldest of chief Iain MacBeith’s three daughters, finds herself with her back to the wall and a sword in her hand. A born defender, she’s not afraid to don armor and march out to fight. But if her enemies discover her secret, that her father has fallen in battle, it will be seen as a weakness. She has no choice but to assume his place and fight on. And then there’s the dratted MacLeod captive who’s fallen into her hands…

Farlan MacLeod is Rory’s lifelong best friend, sworn to follow him in good times and bad. Being seized during a bloody battle was not part of the plan, and the accursed woman who appears to lead clan MacBeith means to use him as a weapon against his chief. He knows he should hate her. Instead, there’s a wild, undeniable attraction growing between them. He can’t possibly be so weak as to give into it, even though he’s never seen a woman to match her for beauty or strength.

And even though his heart has begun whispering to him about destiny.

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The Three Sisters MacBeith
Keeper of the Gate
Keeper of the Hearth
Keeper of the Light

Series: The Three Sisters MacBeith, Book 1
Genre: Highlander
Tags: Dragonblade Original, Promo Page
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