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Keeper of the Hearth (The Three Sisters MacBeith Book 2)

He chooses laughter, and she chooses compassion. Will they both choose love?

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About the Book

He chooses laughter, and she chooses compassion. Will they both choose love?

Ever since her mother’s death, Rhian MacBeith has kept the flame burning at the heart of her family. A healer and born nurturer, she stepped in where needed without a thought for herself. Now her clan is at war with the MacLeods across Glen Bronach. Her older sister, who leads clan MacBeith, has taken a MacLeod outcast for her lover. The last thing Rhian expects when she ventures out in the aftermath of a battle is to stumble over a wounded MacLeod warrior, a handsome mountain of a man named Leith. Mercy prompts her to tend his vicious wound. It’s something else that keeps her from calling her warriors to end his life.

Leith MacLeod is a man who will always choose laughter above strife. But he is cousin to the MacLeod chief as well as his heir, sworn to him in fealty. He half believes the bonny woman who tends him on the battlefield is an angel. Instead, he discovers she’s his sworn enemy. That can’t change the way he feels about her, because the more he learns about Rhian MacBeith, the more he sees that her beauty extends clear through to her spirit.

And that makes him long to lay aside his sword in favor of peace.

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The Three Sisters MacBeith
Keeper of the Gate
Keeper of the Hearth
Keeper of the Light

Series: The Three Sisters MacBeith, Book 2
Genre: Highlander
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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