Kilts in the Wind (Clash of the Tartans Book 5)

Are the answers blowing in the wind?

An amusing and heartwarming tale of mistaken identity, a derelict windmill, and a wee lad who eats like a horse.

In order to get the hated Lockies to agree to refurbish the derelict windmill that sits on the border between their lands, Spenser McDool must wed Jane, the Lockie laird’s daughter. The successful processing of a bumper harvest depends on it. He’s never met Jane (or so he believes) but has fallen hard for a scullery maid named Jennie who visits the mill.

Jane disguises herself as a servant when she escapes the cruel tyranny of her stepmother for a short while. She is unaware the man she meets at the mill and falls in love with is the laird of the hated McDool Clan.

Another steamy romantic comedy from Anna Markland.

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Clash of the Tartans
Book 1 - Kilty Secrets
Book 2 - Kilted at the Altar
Book 3 - Kilty Pleasures
Book 4 - Kilty Party
Book 5 - Kilts in the Wind
Book 6 - Kilts Ahoy! (Coming August 2020)

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About the Book
Series: Clash of the Tartans, Book 5
Genres: Highlander, Medieval Romance, Scottish
ISBN: 9798630001658
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About the Author
Anna Markland

I was born in England, but I’ve lived most of my life in Canada.Education, business and disaster relief provided three interesting careers before I became a full-time writer.

Genealogy is a long-time hobby (aka addiction) that has had a tremendous influence on my stories. My romances are tales of family honor, ancestry, and roots.

I am a firm believer in love at first sight. My heroes and heroines may initially deny the attraction between them, but eventually the alchemy wins out. My novels are intimate stories filled with passion, intrigue, adventure and suspense.

Writing provides an escape into another world and time where I lose myself in the characters’ lives, confident they will triumph in the end and find love. I enjoy ferreting out bits of historical trivia in order to provide the reader with an authentic experience.

I hope you come to know and love my cast of characters as much as I do.

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