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Knight of the Broken Heart (The Eglinton Knight Series Book 2)

A heart isn’t stolen if it’s given away...

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About the Book

A heart isn’t stolen if it’s given away…

Amelia Driver never shies away from an opportunity, and when the Eglinton Tournament is announced, she recognizes it for the goldmine that it is. A member of one of the most powerful girl gangs in London, Amelia travels to Scotland planning to swindle unsuspecting spectators. Unfortunately for her, she picks the wrong pocket.

To appease his son’s obsession with knights, Lord Eli, Viscount Barrington, shuttles him to the medieval tournament even though he has much more important things to do—like keep his daughters out of trouble. A young and honorable widower, his life goal is to raise the twins to be upstanding women, pillars of the community. His mischievous daughters, on the other hand, want nothing of the virtuous life.

When Eli encounters Amelia with her hands not where they should be, he develops a plan for the brilliant thief to scare his hoyden daughters straight. In exchange for keeping her neck out of the hangman’s noose, Amelia must follow Eli back to his estate and teach his daughters about her life of sin and depravity. Eli even thinks she could learn a trade and find honest work. He never expects that he might be the one to learn anything, let alone look forward to Amelia’s colorful and unsavory stories.

As Amelia sinks deeper into the family life she never knew she wanted, she begins to question if a life of crime is still for her. How could an old widower and his young children be more exciting than her haunts on the streets?

When her past comes back to claim her, will Amelia decide that love is worth giving up her independence, or will she learn that good love from a good man is all the freedom she’s ever dreamed of?

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The Eglinton Knight Series
Book 1 – Knight of the Jaded Heart
Book 2 – Knight of the Broken Heart
Book 3 – Knight of the Bleeding Heart
Book 4 – Knight of the Wicked Heart

Series: The Eglinton Knight, Book 2
Genre: Victorian
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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