Lessons in Spectacle (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 2)

Could a match between mortal enemies heal a feud that has burned for generations? Or will tragedy be the only outcome.

“Dearest Diary, there is something magical about the Colonies… the mere mention of them is enough to send all the world into a tizzy. A banished lord has traveled across the Atlantic, and there are whispers everywhere, but I will tell only you my secrets.”

With her delicate arrangements proving to be popular with her changeable mistress, Constance Blackwood must tread carefully to be sure that she is not discovered. The Queen demands nothing more than the finest for her entertainments.

Scandal. Spectacle. Ruin.

A spy in the bedchamber’s of London’s elite, Constance must provide her royal mistress with gossip and amusement, or risk losing her own place in court and face the ruin of her family and reputation.

Thankfully, Constance is able to pull some inspiration from Shakespeare himself to bring an ancient family grudge to the forefront of court gossip. But will she be able to set right what has been put in motion? And will she be able to survive this Lesson in Spectacle?

Lord Anworth’s sons are as unruly as they are handsome, but James Anworth, the youngest of the three, has proven the most troublesome. After a chance meeting on a rainy London night, James discovers that he has fallen head over heels in love with a young woman who is also a stranger to the city. But Miss Portia Godfrey has arrived in London under a false name, and the secrets she wishes to distance herself from could leave more than a broken heart in its wake.

Simmering anger over an almost-forgotten feud between two noble families will lead a pair of star-crossed lovers across the Atlantic to New York, and will put Constance’s own life in danger as she is unwittingly pulled into their plans.

Will Constance be able to salvage this tragedy in the making?

Her Majesty’s Matchmaker is a steamy Regency Romance series featuring a determined heroine who will stop at nothing to make her own way in the world, all while navigating the sometimes dangerous world of the Royal Court.

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