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Murder on the Mirrored Lake (The Kier and Levett Mystery Series Book 3)

Old secrets dragged into the light . . . can turn deadly.

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About the Book

Old secrets dragged into the light . . . can turn deadly.

Someone wants Niall Kier’s secrets exposed—even if they lead to scandal, unrest . . . and murder.

Miss Kara Levett has discovered a talent for unearthing secrets and truths, but she’s vowed not to turn it on her friend—and more—Mr. Niall Kier. His secrets are his own, until he chooses to share them.

Unfortunately, someone else is not so patient. Niall needs to find who is digging so furiously into his past—and why they are so eager to unleash the scandal that could follow.

But when a woman is murdered at the lake that Kara has dedicated to her women’s club, it is discovered that the victim was connected to a woman from Niall’s past—and Kara dives into the enquires. After all, she’s made no promises in that direction.

It soon becomes clear that the tangle of clues and conspiracies are related, and when their friend is abducted and held for the ransom that can prove Niall’s past, they must work together—to save their friend, to protect Niall’s secrets . . . and perhaps, even the nation.

The Kier and Levett Mystery series
Book 1 – A Killer in the Crystal Palace
Book 2 – Death from the Druid’s Grove
Book 3 – Murder on the Mirrored Lake

Series: The Kier and Levett Mystery Series, Book 3
Genre: Historical Mystery
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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