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Oddity of the Ton: A Regency Historical Romance (Misfits of the Ton Book 4)

An unlikely pairing becomes the perfect match.

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About the Book

An unlikely pairing becomes the perfect match.

Eleanor Howard has never fitted in. To her, Society is an unfathomable world where success is measured by the number of suitors’ names on her dance card. And her card is always empty. Constantly outshone by her younger sister, and continually criticized by her ambitious mother, Eleanor yearns to be loved for herself, not what others expect her to be. Her secret infatuation with the Duke of Whitcombe—who’d never deign to notice, much less court her—would, if revealed, make her the laughingstock of the ton.

Until he strides across a crowded ballroom and offers his hand.

Montague FitzRoy, fifth Duke of Whitcombe, is unwilling to surrender the pleasures of bachelorhood. When his mother, insistent on finding him a duchess of the right pedigree, forces his hand, he decides on impulse to punish her by kneeling before the least desirable woman in the room.

Only Miss Howard believes his proposal to be genuine.

The solution? A false betrothal that keeps Monty’s mother in check, and lifts Miss Howard’s prospects. Monty can weather a few weeks’ ridicule over an engagement to a woman whose eccentricities are gossiped about. And a betrothal—even short-lived—to a duke will ensure that Miss Howard’s dance card is never empty again.

But beneath Eleanor’s awkward exterior lies a passionate, intelligent woman, misunderstood and unappreciated, who challenges Monty’s notions of duty, life, and love—and with whom he’s falling in love himself.

As the end of the Season, and their inevitable parting, approaches, Monty is faced with a choice—surrender to duty, or follow his heart.

Oddity of the Ton is an own voices romance with an autistic heroine.

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Misfits of the Ton
Book 1 – Tomboy of the Ton
Book 2 – Ruined by the Ton
Book 3 – Thief of the Ton
Book 4 – Oddity of the Ton
Book 5 – Harpy of the Ton
Book 6 – Heartbreaker of the Ton
Book 7 – Doxy for the Ton

Series: Misfits of the Ton, Book 4
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Emily Royal

Emily Royal grew up in Sussex, England, and has devoured romantic novels for as long as she can remember. A mathematician at heart, Emily has worked in financial services for over twenty years. She indulged in her love of writing after she moved to Scotland, where she lives with her husband, teenage daughters and menagerie of rescue pets including Twinkle, an attention-seeking boa constrictor.

She has a passion for both reading and writing romance with a weakness for Regency rakes, Highland heroes, and Medieval knights. Persuasion is one of her all-time favorite novels which she reads several times each year and she is fortunate enough to live within sight of a Medieval palace.

When not writing, Emily enjoys playing the piano, hiking, and painting landscapes, particularly the Highlands. One of her ambitions is to paint, as well as climb, every mountain in Scotland.

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