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Prince of Fire (Warriors of the Fianna Book 2)

Two broken hearts. Too many secrets. One second chance.

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About the Book

Two broken hearts. Too many secrets. One second chance.

Six years ago, Dallan mac Murrough fell in love with the perfect girl. Though he was young when he proposed to her, he knew she was the only woman he could ever love. For reasons she never chose to share, she denied his proposal and shattered his heart. When their paths cross years later, anger and bitterness bubble to the surface despite his best efforts at civility.

When Niamh first sees Dallan after years apart, her heart melts. He has all the same qualities as the boy she loved, except he is now very clearly a man–a strong, confident man with eyes that make her forget everything but the memory of him; a man with a gaping wound that she knows she made, and a smile so disarming she’d agree to just about anything.
Except marriage.

There’s no way Niamh will let herself give in to her feelings for Dallan. She broke his heart once because of a secret she carries, and she couldn’t bear to do it again. She loves him too much for that.

Join Dallan and Niamh in a romance filled with true love, painful secrets, and second chances.

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Warriors of the Fianna
Book 1 – Song of the Fianna
Book 2 – Prince of Fire
Book 3 – Into the Ashes

Series: Warriors of the Fianna, Book 2
Genre: Highlander
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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