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Red Cutlass: Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Irish pirate Red “Cutlass” Conall possesses a reckless and passionate spirit.

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About the Book

Irish pirate Red “Cutlass” Conall possesses a reckless and passionate spirit.

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As Master of The Prodigal’s Return, he savors the freedom and defies the dangers of his perilous occupation. Though women are more than willing to share his bed, not one has ever found a way into his untamed heart. Red’s only true love is the sea. Curiosity gets the better of him when he receives a mysterious summons from an old acquaintance, and he decides to answer the call. Trouble is, the acquaintance is one of the notorious Porteurs d’Eau, the dangerous French pirate faction. The location? A seedy bar in a northern French port. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty. After a narrow escape from the French authorities, Red finds himself stranded in a foreign land. Shackled and injured, he’s in desperate need of a place to hide and recover. Help comes in the form of a beautiful young French woman named Aurélie “Lila” Gavreau, who risks everything for the wild Irish pirate who shows up at her door. Though drawn to the lass, Red refuses to submit to whatever it is that stirs in his heart. Determined, he eventually makes his way safely back to Ireland, only to discover that the consequences for Lila have been disastrous. Now it’s his turn to rescue her from the dangers of the streets, and he doesn’t hesitate in setting out on his quest. Time, however, is short, and there’s a wee bit of a problem.

He has no idea where she is.

Series: Pirates of Britannia
Genre: Ancient World
ASIN: 1671967178
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