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Rose Gardener’s Florist (The Providence Street Shops Book 2)

Romance blooms between a common flower girl and a cultivated gentleman.

Romance blooms between a common flower girl and a cultivated gentleman.

Rose Gardener is a common flower girl from Covent Garden, whose grandest wish has come true in the opening of her own florist shop. Despite years of belittling by an unsupportive family, she is proud of her achievement, yet self-doubt lingers under the surface when she is faced with a chance at romance. Surely the quiet, bookish gentleman who buys posies from her could not possibly be interested in a working class girl.

Struck by the lovely proprietress of a local florist, Will Carmody finds one pretext after another to purchase flowers so he might exchange pleasantries with her. A shy, awkward fellow dedicated to scholarly pursuits has no business fostering lovelorn dreams about a vivacious young lady with a bright future. Will thinks he has little of interest to offer her.

When a young woman threatened by her guardian unburdens herself to Rose, the florist becomes her ally in solving the predicament. But it will take Will’s steady presence and support to face down a dastardly scoundrel.

During their quest for justice, two wallflowers grow stronger and more confident under the bright sunlight of love.

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About the Book
Series: The Providence Street Shops, Book 2
Genre: Victorian
Tag: Dragonblade Sweet Dreams
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About the Author
Bonnie Dee

New York Times and U.S.A. Today Bestseller Bonnie Dee began inventing stories as a child, when she was the designated ghost tale teller at sleepovers. Writing childish stories on a yellow legal pad evolved into inventing fan fiction romances and later into writing for publication. Bonnie enjoys reading stories about people damaged by life who find healing with a like-minded soul. When she couldn’t find enough books to suit her taste, she began to write them.

Taking the parasol approach to writing— a different color for every ensemble, she has dabbled in many romance sub-genres including historical, contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, and mystery. During years of collaboration with author Summer Devon, the pair produced many gay historicals, including a couple of Rainbow Award winners.

Now she is embarking on a new adventure set in her favorite Edwardian time period. “Modern inventions are making inroads into an old-fashioned society. The clash of the two is endlessly fascinating to me. Plus, I love the fashions! Looking at you Rose’s beaded dress in Titanic.”

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