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Secrets of a Covert Lord (Ladies Covert Academy Book 2)

For passion to bloom, the lady botanist must uproot his secrets.

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About the Book

For passion to bloom, the lady botanist must uproot his secrets.

She’s cultivating a secret life…
Jane Brickley is stifled by overprotective parents…until she joins a secret academy for ladies to study botany. But when a suspicious burglary closes the school, she’s determined to uncover the mystery and get her beloved academy reopened. Jane recruits an insider’s help, and although the charming servant Dev is completely unsuitable, his smiles still plant seeds of longing in the fertile ground of Jane’s heart.

He’s disguising his quest for his birthright…
Dev Holford, the rightful Marquess of Rowling, poses as a servant at the academy while he secretly hunts for proof of his legitimacy. Things grow complicated when the evidence vanishes, a distant relative may be trying to kill him, and a clever botanist pressures him to help solve the mystery of the academy burglary. But when Jane’s investigation intersects with his own, it’s only logical to share clues…and perhaps stolen kisses.

Their love grows…
As Dev and Jane work together to unravel the mystery, the covert lord who never belonged will fight for a home where he can put down roots at last… in the arms of his true love.

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Ladies Covert Academy
Book 1 – How to Court a Covert Lady
Book 2 – Secrets of a Covert Lord
Book 3 – Winning the Covert Lady’s Heart

Series: Ladies Covert Academy, Book 2
Genre: Victorian
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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