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Sinfully Tempted (The Five Deadly Sins Book 2)

Tempting a duke is a Deadly Sin.

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About the Book

Tempting a duke is a Deadly Sin.

Tamsin Sinclair is known for her bold manner. As a Sinclair, nicknamed one of the Deadly Sins she is expected to be improper and uncivilized. Seeking solace from the unrelenting whispers about her at a ball, Tamsin retreats to the gardens and makes the unexpected acquaintance of the eccentric, moth collecting, Duke of Ware.

Hayden Redford, Duke of Ware, is merely collecting specimens during his aunt’s ball when he makes the poor choice to pluck a moth from the knee of London’s most notorious young lady. Even worse, their encounter is witnessed by the malicious Lady Longwood. Had Tamsin been anyone else, Ware might have been forced to do the honorable thing, but his aunt insists that wedding Tamsin is out of the question. Nor can the gossip about Ware and Tamsin be allowed to spread through London.

There remains only one solution which will salvage reputations and keep Ware from wedding so far beneath him. A charade is decided. One in which Ware and Tamsin will pretend a vague attachment of shared intellectual pursuits, guaranteed to silence the gossips out of boredom if nothing else.

But as the ruse draws to a close, the attachment between Ware and Tamsin becomes much less vague than planned. Real desire blooms between them just as they must say goodbye.

Will their relationship fade as everyone expects? Or will Tamsin and Ware follow the dictates of their heart?

Note: This series is part of Dragonblade’s Flame line, so this is a sexy, steamy, and scorching-hot read with multiple sex scenes. Be advised.

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Series: The Five Deadly Sins, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tags: Dragonblade Flame, Readers Picks
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