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The Bear’s Heart: A Time Travel Historical Romance (Guinevere Book 2)

Welcome to Book Two of Guinevere, an exciting series steeped in Arthurian legends, history, and time travel – from award-winning author Fil Reid.

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About the Book

Welcome to Book Two of Guinevere, an exciting series steeped in Arthurian legends, history, and time travel – from award-winning author Fil Reid.

Twenty-first-century Gwen, now a Dark Age queen, is cursed with the dubious knowledge of a future she dreads. She’s newly surrounded by once-murky history and still-confusing legends.

She has no idea which of the tales told by her late father, a fanatical Arthurian scholar, are true. Her worst fear is that history is fixed, and she might be merely treading a path long laid down for her… one that she can do nothing to alter despite all her love for Arthur and her new life, as challenging as it can be at times.

Every decision she makes could lead her closer to the doom that hangs over the people she’s come to love – Camlann. It’s the legendary battle in which Arthur, the man she’s given up everything for, is destined to die by the hand of his wicked nephew, Medraut.

Will any of her questions be answered as she marches north with her husband to battle the invading Saxons? Will she even survive? Unsettled, but devoted to both Arthur and their people, Gwen has little choice but to see things through.

History, romance, and legend intertwine in a story with an epic sweep that spans the post-Roman period of Early Medieval Britain.

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The Dragon Ring
The Bear’s Heart
The Sword

Series: Guinevere, Book 2
Genre: Time Travel
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Fil Reid

After a varied life that’s included working with horses where Downton Abbey is filmed, riding racehorses, running her own riding school, owning a sheep farm and running a holiday business in France, Fil now lives on a widebeam canal boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Southern England.

She has a long-suffering husband, a rescue dog from Romania called Bella, a cat she found as a kitten abandoned in a gorse bush, five children and six grandchildren.

She once saw a ghost in a churchyard, and when she lived in Wales there was a panther living near her farm that ate some of her sheep. In England there are no indigenous big cats.

She has Asperger’s Syndrome and her obsessions include horses and King Arthur. Her historical romantic fiction and children’s fantasy adventures centre around Arthurian legends, and her pony stories about her other love. She speaks fluent French after living there for ten years, and in her spare time looks after her allotment, makes clothes and dolls for her granddaughters, embroiders and knits. In between visiting the settings for her books.

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