The Earl and the Lily (Forgotten Flowers of Flanders Book 3)

An English earl. A Flemish manuscript illuminator. A fledgling romance as delicate as glass.

An artist to the core, Lijsbet Lambert dedicated her life to her craft…and to the Master of the workshop with his empty promise of marriage. But it’s been eight long years and sadly, he’s tired of her. Lijsbet finds herself nearing a spinster’s age with nowhere to go. Still, the letters from Coudenburg arrive every year. A mere bastard daughter of Duke Philip, his gracious wife Isabella continues to invite her to the castle. She must break away. She must start her life over. Riding out before dawn, Lijsbet heads to the duke’s court to work as his new manuscript illuminator. Little does she know her new overseer will be an Englishman, as young and handsome as he is irritating.

Ignoring the political strife between their countries, Earl Davion Price leaves his homeland for Burgundy, charged with running the duke’s expanding library. Having lived a sheltered and privileged childhood, he was so caught up in his studies at university, he never thought to pursue a woman. But the illuminator ignites a fire in his soul—and his body. But Davion carries a volatile secret: a condition binds him. The earl suffers from glass delusion, the belief that at any moment he could shatter—literally. How can one pursue a romance with such a fragile body?

Are his feelings for Lijsbet strong enough to overcome his fears?

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Forgotten Flowers of Flanders
The Warrior and the Wildflower
The Knight and the Rose
The Earl and the Lily

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