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The Grey Lady of the Manor (Trysts and Treachery)

When the magic of love becomes something darker…The night hides more than just May Day revels.

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About the Book

When the magic of love becomes something darker…The night hides more than just May Day revels.

Deep in the Essex countryside, the Grey Lady of Patience Bridge lures unwary travelers to their deaths. At nearby Temple Roding manor, superstitious maidservant Letty believes herself cursed, and is desperate for help. The irrepressible Perkin is secretly enlisted to quell her fears but he soon discovers that something unearthly is stalking Letty. Why has it picked on this innocent young beauty, and could the haunting be connected with the Grey Lady’s tragedy?

To free herself, Letty hazards everything in a daring gamble, and the smitten Perkin agrees to help. But if her plan fails, it won’t just be the dead who are determined to take their revenge on the pair, but the living as well.

And the living can be far more dangerous.

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Trysts and Treachery
Book 1 – Lord of Deception
Book 2 – Lord of Loyalty
Book 3 – Lord of the Forest
Book 4 – Lord of Mistrust
Book 5 – Lord of the Manor
Novella – The Grey Lady of the Manor

(Note: This story was first published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Boxed set Upon a Midnight Dreary, October 2021)

Series: Trysts and Treachery
Genre: Tudor Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Elizabeth Keysian

Elizabeth Keysian is an international bestselling author of heart-pounding Regency romances, set mostly in the West of England. She is working on a fresh series for Dragonblade Publishing called Trysts and Treachery, which is set in the Tudor era. Though primarily a writer of romance, she loves to put a bit of mystery, adventure, and suspense into her stories, and refuses to let her characters take themselves too seriously.

Elizabeth likes to write from experience, not easy when her works range from the medieval to the Victorian eras. However, her passion for re-enactment has helped, as have the many years she spent working in museums and British archaeology. If you find some detail in her work you’ve never come across before, you can bet she either dug it up, quite literally, or found it on a museum shelf.

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