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The Last Christmas

Will the last Christmas be their last chance at love?

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About the Book

Will the last Christmas be their last chance at love?

After more than a decade of relentless galivanting around the world, James Oliver Draven, the Duke of Grafton, finally returned home. He had done everything he wished to do with satisfaction. Tirelessly pursued knowledge and experience with more vibrance and adventure than any man could manage in two lifetimes. He could not want for anything more. He was ready to go.

So, what was he doing, nursing sentiments of powerful affection and desire so fierce, he could not help but hope for more days—years, even—dreaming of sharing a life with another? Of all the worst coincidences in the world, why did he have to meet the woman he could see himself having a life with—now? Now—when his days were numbered, and he had no life to give?

Lady Larabelle Howard, the Earl of Berkshire’s daughter, had one goal in returning to England from America:
She wished to spend one last Christmas at her dear departed papa’s beloved country manor, before her mother sold it to the highest bidder.

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(Note: This story was first published as part of the Dragonblade Publishing Boxed set Star of Wonder, November 2021)

Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Original
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About the Author
Veronica Crowe

Veronica Crowe is a dentist, entrepreneur, and author of The Silver-eyed Prince, Guardian and Commander, and Son of the Redeemer, from the Highest Royal Coven of Europe series under the pen name, VJ Dunraven.

Veronica loves reading and writing urban fantasy and historical fiction books and has recently finished The Wrong Prince, and The Viscount’s Heir, both books from the Heirs of Cornwall series, set in the Regency era. Currently, she is in the process of writing the third installment, My Only Earl.

In her spare time, Veronica enjoys photography, designing, and running a myriad of enterprises to generate small contractual jobs for stay-at-home moms, students, retirees, or people who have talent and potential but need a little boost. She credits her work ethic from her dad, who rose from humble beginnings and became one of the most successful dental practitioners and entrepreneurs in his city. The best advice Veronica loves to share from her dad is, “Discover your gifts and use them wisely to inspire people. Believe in your power and strength. Remember that criticism and disappointment are just words. You can always hit “delete” at any time.”

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