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The Lyon and The Lamb: The Lyon’s Den Connected World

He’s dashed all her hopes. She won’t ask him for help again…

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About the Book

He’s dashed all her hopes. She won’t ask him for help again…
Only the production of an heir can save Lady Araminta Lamb. The problem is that she’s a childless widow who, after an abusive marriage, can’t bear the thought of a man’s touch. But when her desperate attempt to adopt a child is foiled by the powerful Leo Chetwynd, Earl of Aylsham, there’s only one option left to keep her home and her fragile sister safe. She must gamble everything on Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s outrageous matchmaking scheme.

Playing by Society’s rules hasn’t done him any favors. Perhaps it’s time to break those rules…
Leo Chetwynd needs money urgently or his precious orphans will be cast out. A disastrous business venture has cost him all his capital, and there’s nothing left to offer but himself. Marriage to an heiress is the only solution that he and his scapegrace brother can think of, but first, he must go to the Lyon’s Den and prove his skills as a lover. If Leo accepts Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s choice of heiress, sight unseen, the orphanage and the family name will be saved. He can only pray that the chosen heiress isn’t the anonymous veiled widow who has become his enemy.

She’s the last woman on earth he could ever marry…

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Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Lyon’s Den
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About the Author
Elizabeth Keysian

Elizabeth Keysian is an international bestselling author of heart-pounding Regency romances, set mostly in the West of England. She is working on a fresh series for Dragonblade Publishing called Trysts and Treachery, which is set in the Tudor era. Though primarily a writer of romance, she loves to put a bit of mystery, adventure, and suspense into her stories, and refuses to let her characters take themselves too seriously.

Elizabeth likes to write from experience, not easy when her works range from the medieval to the Victorian eras. However, her passion for re-enactment has helped, as have the many years she spent working in museums and British archaeology. If you find some detail in her work you’ve never come across before, you can bet she either dug it up, quite literally, or found it on a museum shelf.

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