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The Peer’s Roguish Word (The Duke’s Pact Book 5)

A Clever lady and a Cavalier Lord.

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About the Book

A Clever lady and a Cavalier Lord.

Kitty Dell is an intellectual and has made certain scientific discoveries she takes a great amount of pride in. For now, though, she must put her books aside, as she is on her way to London for her launch season. She is doubtful that she will meet a gentleman who will appreciate her mind, but secretly hopeful of it. She has at least the benefit of being introduced to various members of the esteemed Royal Society, and one particular gentleman-member does seem to hold a high regard for her intellect.

If Giles Dermot, Marquess of Grayson, had ever heard of the Royal Society, he just as quickly forgot it. He hasn’t forgotten Miss Dell, however. He met the lady at Newmarket and was instantly charmed. He realizes she considers herself bookish, but certainly she will throw over her learned pursuits when the balls and parties commence. As for himself, though he has never aspired to dry scholarship, he does not think a life well-lived without poetry and Shakespeare. In society, he is regarded as the dandiest of the dandies, an unrepentant bachelor, and a shameless flirt. Mamas are well-advised to steer their daughters elsewhere.

As Kitty navigates the unfamiliar waters of the season, the Royal Society is threatened with a ruinous mystery. Somebody is set on destroying it and everybody is searching for clues. Including Lord Grayson, as how else is he to win Miss Dell’s scholarly heart?

Never were two people less suited. Unless one considers that the gentleman might learn to spend less time on his neckcloth and the lady might learn to spend less time buried in a book.

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The Dukes’ Pact
Book 1 – The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain
Book 2 – The Marquess’ Daring Wager
Book 3 – The Lord’s Desperate Pledge
Book 4 – The Baron’s Dangerous Contract
Book 5 – The Peer’s Roguish Word
Book 6 – The Earl’s Iron Warrant

Series: The Dukes' Pact, Book 5
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Sweet Dreams
ISBN: 9798517016294
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About the Author
Kate Archer

By the time I was eleven, my Irish Nana and I had formed a book club of sorts. On a timetable only known to herself, Nana would grab her blackthorn walking stick and steam down to the local Woolworth’s. There, she would buy the latest Barbara Cartland romance, hurry home to read it accompanied by viciously strong wine, (Wild Irish Rose, if you’re wondering) and then pass the book on to me. Though I was not particularly interested in real boys yet, I was very interested in the gentlemen in those stories—daring, bold, and often enraging and unaccountable. After my Barbara Cartland phase, I went on to Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen and so many other gifted authors blessed with the ability to bring the Georgian and Regency eras to life.

I would like nothing more than to time travel back to the Regency (and time travel back to my twenties as long as we’re going somewhere) to take my chances at a ball. Who would take the first? Who would escort me into supper? What sort of meaningful looks would be exchanged? I would hope, having made the trip, to encounter a gentleman who would give me a very hard time. He ought to be vexatious in the extreme, and worth every vexation, to make the journey worthwhile.

I most likely won’t be able to work out the time travel gambit, so I will content myself with writing stories of adventure and romance in my beloved time period. There are lives to be created, marvelous gowns to wear, jewels to don, instant attractions that inevitably come with a difficulty, and hearts to break before putting them back together again. In traditional Regency fashion, my stories are clean—the action happens in a drawing room, rather than a bedroom.

As I muse over what will happen next to my H and h, and wish I were there with them, I will occasionally remind myself that it’s also nice to have a microwave, Netflix, cheese popcorn, and steaming hot showers.

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