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Thoroughly Besotted (Aldbey Park Book 2)

Gentle Prince or deadly assassin. Which man has stolen her heart?

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About the Book

Gentle Prince or deadly assassin. Which man has stolen her heart?

Miss Julia Darley has come to trust her dear, gentle friend Pasha. Learning that he is actually Darius Kir Khan Qajar, a Prince of Persia and not just a stable hand, does not change her feelings of friendship for this man.

Pasha does not want to be ‘just her friend’ much less be treated like a brother. He is besotted by the vivacious Julia, who is the oldest sister of the Darley girls.

Julia has been denying her own growing feelings for this wise and gentle prince as she struggles with a secret of her own.
An attack in Hyde Park has Julia questioning her impression of the quiet Prince of Persia. After a searing, sultry kiss from him her heart melts and she can deny her feelings no more. Little does Julia know that Pasha is also known as the Persian Assassin. And his enemies are already in London. Stalking the Prince and the woman he loves.

A visit from Pasha’s mother, Supreme Imperial Majesty Bibi Habibeh, along with her ward, brings Julia’s world crashing down around her. Pasha’s interfering mother has proclaimed that Pasha is to marry her ward, the exquisitely beautiful, pale and tragic Delaram. The Darley sisters find this girl both mysterious and suspicious. Julia’s mischievous Aunt Eggy is determined to keep Pasha for Julia and so starts the clash of wills between the two wily old women.

A grand ball. Two old women smoking a water pipe with ingredients not to be smoked in public, much less at a ball. Help from an unlikely ally. And a would-be kidnapping of the Darley sisters and Delaram find Pasha facing his enemies and discovering the truth.

Both Julia and Pasha know that his father the Sultan would never accept Julia, an English woman, for his son’s wife. Pasha is determined to marry Julia however, and to protect her from his enemies at any cost.

And that cost may be his crown. For Prince Darius Kir Khan, choosing Julia Darley is as easy as following his heart. But his choice may prove deadly.

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Aldbey Park Series
Thoroughly in Love
Thoroughly Besotted
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Series: Aldbey Park, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Dragonblade Sweet Dreams
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About the Author
Chantry Dawes

Chantry Dawes lives on her horse farm in the south east where she raised her four sons and wrote historical romance in her spare time. She has two dogs, a cat and several horses. Once her four boys were grown up and gone, she turned to writing full time.

Chantry’s stories always have strong women, oftentimes a horse or two, and men who very often think they are coming to their ladies’ rescue, only to find out that it was themselves who were blissfully rescued by their lady. A self proclaimed history nerd,she is fascinated by the massive part that horses have played all throughout history. She believes that no tale is complete without that sigh worthy hero who comes riding up to his lady on an equally swoon worthy horse.

Step into her new Aldbey Park series and see for yourself… beginning with Thoroughly in Love.

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