Dragonblade Flame

The hotter, the better Historical Romance

Chasing the Earl (The Arrogant Earls Book 2)
Enticing the Earl (The Arrogant Earls Book 3)
A Touch of Silver (The Daring Dersinghams Book 1)
A Hint of Starlight (The Daring Dersinghams Book 2)
A Trace of Roses (The Daring Dersinghams Book 3)
The Duke’s Defiant Angel (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 1)
The Earl’s Tempting Ward (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 2)
The Marquess’s Stolen Bride (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 3)
The Secret Life of a Debutante (Determined Debutantes Book 1)
You’ve Got an Earl (Determined Debutantes Book 2)
The Duke Trap (Determined Debutantes Book 3)
A Scot of Her Own (Once Upon a Scot Book 1)
Lady, Be Wanton (Naughty Ladies Book 1)
A Scot to Have and to Hold (Once Upon a Scot Book 2)
Lady, Behave (Naughty Ladies)
Lady, No More (Naughty Ladies Book 3)
A Scot to Love and Protect (Once Upon a Scot Book 3)
The Devil and the Viscount (Gentlemen of Pleasure Book 1)
Temptation and the Artist (Gentlemen of Pleasure Book 2)
Sin and the Soldier (Gentlemen of Pleasure Book 3)