Dragonblade Original

For novels with at least one sex scene and plenty of romance. This is our main line of novels.

The Wrong Prince (Heirs of Cornwall Book 1)
Mysterious Lover (Crime & Passion Book 1)
Hidden Hart (Headstrong Harts Book 3)
The Ghost (Highland Heroes Book 6)
Shining Knight (Gentlemen of Knights Book 5)
Duke of Disrepute (Dukes of Distinction Book 3)
The Accidental Duke (The Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo Book 1)
A Dangerous Game (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 2)
Echo of Roses (Echoes In Time Book 1)
Never Dance with a Marquess (The Never Series Book 2)
The Winds of Change (Lords of Sussex Book 3)
The Knight and the Rose (Forgotten Flowers of Flanders Book 2)
Garden of Angels (Dark Gardens Series Book 5)
The Soul of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 1)
Duke of Charm (Dukes of Distinction Book 2)
Avoiding the Earl’s Lust (The Lords of Vice Book 2)
A Dangerous Pursuit (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 1)
Entranced by the Earl (The Perks of Being an Heiress Book 2)
Every Earl has a Silver Lining (Earls are Wild Book 1)
Letters to a Lover (Crime & Passion Book 2)