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Congratulations to our Semi-Finalists in “The Write Stuff” Competition!!

Congratulations on making it to the next round of judging. We had such a great response in its inaugural year with so many talented authors that made the judging extremely difficult. So well done on making it this far.

Each judge is an award-winning industry professional who has had years in the publishing industry. We made sure the people who read the stories are those who understand how stories should be written.  Entrants were judged on many things – story telling ability, the mechanics of writing, the ability to draw readers into a story, among others. Each story was judged on 12 merit questions using a 1 through 5 system – 5 being great, 1 being poor.  Judges rated the book utilizing those questions (so every book was judged by the same standard) before the points were added up.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry to The Write Stuff contest. We will hold our contest again next year and encourage you to submit a new story. Best of luck to everyone in your continued writing careers.

Good Luck to all of our semi-finalist. Winners will be announced July 1, 2021