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DragonBlade Divisions

Sweet Dreams

Sweet, wholesome Historical Romance where passion beyond the bedroom door is left to the reader’s imagination.

The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain (The Dukes’ Pact Book 1)
Lord of Deception ____________ (Trysts and Treachery Book 1)
The Lord of the Highwaymen (Hearts & Highways Book 1)
Lord of Loyalty ____(Trysts and Treachery Book 2)
The Marquess’ Daring Wager (The Dukes’ Pact Book 2)
Hattie Glover’s Millinery (The Providence Street Shops Book 1)
Lord of the Forest (Trysts and Treachery Book 3)
The Lord’s Desperate Pledge (The Dukes’ Pact Book 3)
Lord of Mistrust (Trysts and Treachery Book 4)
Rose Gardener’s Florist (The Providence Street Shops Book 2)
Lord of the Manor (Trysts and Treachery Book 5)
Candace Sweet’s Confectionery (The Providence Street Shops Book 3)
The Baron’s Dangerous Contract (The Duke’s Pact Book 4)
Thoroughly Besotted (Aldbey Park Book 2)
The Jilter (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 5)
The Undaunted (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 3)
The Meddler (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 1)
The Champion (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 4)
The Earl’s Iron Warrant (The Duke’s Pact Book 6)
The Peer’s Roguish Word (The Duke’s Pact Book 5)
Thoroughly in Love (Aldbey Park Book 1)
The Sprinter (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 2)
Thoroughly Captivated (Aldbey Park Book 3)
The Defiant Daughter (The Ashmead Heirs Book 2)