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DragonBlade Divisions


The hotter, the better Historical Romance

A Touch of Silver (The Daring Dersinghams Book 1)
A Hint of Starlight (The Daring Dersinghams Book 2)
Always the Bridesmaid (Never the Bride Book 1)
A Trace of Roses (The Daring Dersinghams Book 3)
Always the Chaperone (Never the Bride Book 2)
Always the Courtesan________ (Never the Bride Book 3)
Always the Best Friend ______________ (Never the Bride Book 4)
Always the Wallflower (Never the Bride Book 5)
Always the Bluestocking (Never the Bride Book 6)
Always the Rival (Never the Bride Book 7)
Always the Matchmaker (Never the Bride Book 8)
Always the Widow (Never the Bride Book 9)
Always the Rebel (Never the Bride Book 10)
Always the Mistress (Never the Bride Book 11)
Always the Second Choice (Never the Bride Book 12)
You’ve Got an Earl (Determined Debutantes Book 2)
A Governess of Unusual Experience (The Governess Bureau Book 5)
A Governess of Wise Years (The Governess Bureau Book 6)
The Secret Life of a Debutante (Determined Debutantes Book 1)
Lessons in Ruin (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 3)
A Governess of Great Talents (The Governess Bureau Book 1)
Lessons in Scandal (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 1)
A Governess of Discretion (The Governess Bureau Book 2)
Lessons in Spectacle (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 2)
A Governess of Many Languages (The Governess Bureau Book 3)
A Governess of Prodigious Skill (The Governess Bureau Book 4)