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Dragonblade Author “Elizabeth Ellen Carter” Interview

Give us a little bit about your background and when you first started publishing. 

I’ve always been a writer. I spent school holidays writing and illustrating my own stories. After high school, I managed to get a cadetship at my city’s newspaper. But writing fiction is my first love. I attempted to write a full-length novel in my 20s, but it wasn’t until another 20 years later that I finally completed a full-length novel. That novel was shortlisted for an award and it was picked up by a publisher a short time later!

Historical Setting Related:

  • Have you visited the places you’ve written about or just read about them

Alas, only read about them. Thank goodness for lovely photographs on the internet and Google maps! I hope to go to England, next year.

  • What interesting settings have you used (homes, battlefields, events in history, etc)?

I’ve had a lot of fun over the years in marrying historic events and characters into my stories. I’ve used Castle Durham, Prideaux Place in Cornwall, Admiralty House in London and, of historical characters, The Bishop of Durham William Walcher has made a cameo appearance, as has diplomat Lord William Bentinck and the abolitionist John Newton.

  • Why did you choose the particular period you write in? What is it about that era that speaks to you?

I love the late Georgian, Regency period. It was such a pivotal moment socially, politically and economically that events that happened more than 200 years ago are being felt today.

Writing Process:

  • What inspires you to create a certain character (give example)? Have you ever changed the character arc because it didn’t work with the storyline?

I put my heroes and heroines through the emotional wringer before they get their happily ever after. In Dark Heart, my first title with Dragonblade, I debated whether the hero should lose his son or whether the boy should be saved at the last minute. Sadly, for the lad, it served the story better for him to die. It makes the happily ever after sweeter when you up the stakes for your hero and heroine.



  • Do you have a certain quirk in your writing process? Do the stars have to be aligned or do you have to have your favorite tea? Where do you do your best writing?

I try to be disciplined and write down 1000 words during the week and another 3000-5000 for the weekend. I do need to have a hot English Breakfast Tea during a daytime writing sprint and a glass of red wine for a nighttime sprint.


  • From all your books, who is your favorite hero and why?

I would have to say Kit Hardacre, hero of Captive of the Corsairs. He is such a complex and sometimes capricious character but you know in his heart-of-hearts that he’s a good man who is finding his way out of dark circumstances. From that one story, he spawned a series and as well as a complete family tree! So much so, Kit’s father Adam is the hero of my current series, The King’s Rogues.

  • Outside of your own genre, what’s your favorite genre?

I enjoy reading the classics – Wilkie Collins, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte as well as gothic tales by Daphne du Maurier and the mysteries of Agatha Christie.

Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s new book releasing July 9, 2019 titled “Spyfall”

We hope you enjoyed reading about Author Elizabeth Ellen Carter, our next interview will be with Dragonblade Author Bree Wolfe. Stay Tuned!!