Georgian Romance
Duke of Decadence (Lords of Hedonism Book 1)
Always the Bridesmaid (Never the Bride Book 1)
The Broken Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 4)
Barefoot in Hyde Park (The Hellion Club Book 2)
To Heal an Earl (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 1)
Spy Another Day_____ (The King’s Rogues Book 3)
Duke of Knight (Gentlemen of Knights Book 1)
To Tame a Rogue (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 2)
The Weary Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 5)
The Scent of Love ______(The Book of Love 5)
A Trace of Roses (The Daring Dersinghams Book 3)
Always the Chaperone (Never the Bride Book 2)
To Trust a Duke (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 3)
The Secret Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 6)
Into the Lyon’s Den: The Lyon’s Den Connected World
The Scandalous Lyon: The Lyon’s Den
Fed to the Lyon: The Lyon’s Den Connected World
The Lyon’s Lady Love: The Lyon’s Den
The Kiss of Love _________(The Book of Love 6)
What Happens in Piccadilly (The Hellion Club Book 3)