Regency Romance
Duke in All But Name (The Entitled Gentlemen Book 1)
Lady, Be Wanton (Naughty Ladies Book 1)
Lady, Behave (Naughty Ladies)
Lady, No More (Naughty Ladies Book 3)
The Lyon’s Share (The Lyon’s Den)
Mending the Duke’s Pride (The Lords of Vice Book 1)
Avoiding the Earl’s Lust (The Lords of Vice Book 2)
Guardian of Midnight Manor
Tempering the Viscount’s Envy (The Lords of Vice Book 3)
Redirecting the Baron’s Greed (The Lords of Vice Book 4)
The Baron’s Betrothal (Dangerous Lords Book 1)
Seducing the Earl:  (Dangerous Lords Book 2)
Rescued by the Lyon
The Viscount’s Widowed Lady: A Regency Historical Romance (Dangerous Lords Book 3)
The Duke’s Sword (The Duke’s Guard Book 1)
The Marquess Meets His Match
His Vow to Keep: A Regency Holiday Novella (The Lords of Vice)
Governess to the Duke’s Heir (Dangerous Lords Book 4)
The Duke’s Protector (The Duke’s Guard Book 2)
Presenting Miss Letitia (Once a Wallflower Book 1)