Tudor Romance
The Earl Returns (Lords of Sussex Book 1) by Lillian Marek
Percy’s Perdition
The Accidental Duke (The Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo Book 1)
The Bard (Highland Heroes Book 5)
The Upright Son (The Ashmead Heirs Book 4)
Introducing Miss Joanna (Once a Wallflower Book 2)
Lord of Hearts (Lords of the Borders Book 1)
Married to the Rogue (Season of Scandal Book 3)
How to Fool a Duke
Unmasked by her Lover (Season of Scandal Book 4)
The Ghost Bride
A Constant Blaze (Last Flame of Alba Book 2)
Lord of Deception ____________ (Trysts and Treachery Book 1)
Lord of Loyalty ____(Trysts and Treachery Book 2)
Lord of the Forest (Trysts and Treachery Book 3)
Lord of Mistrust (Trysts and Treachery Book 4)
Lord of the Manor (Trysts and Treachery Book 5)
The Grey Lady of the Manor (Trysts and Treachery)
The Gift of Love (The Book of Love 8)
The Heart of Love (The Book of Love 9)