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Hot New Release!! Book 1 “Henry’s Bride” in the fabulous new series “London Libertines”

Thrust together when a duel goes wrong, can an awkward debutante and a libertine lord find love in a marriage of circumstance?

Enjoy Book 1 “Henry’s Bride” in the fabulous new series “London Libertines”. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Jeanette Claybone, newcomer to society thanks to her father’s recent baronetcy, struggles to navigate the waters of the ton during her first season. When an evening walk with the wrong hungry suitor ruins her reputation, she calls a duel for her honor but is left injured. Disowned by all, she finds an unlikely savior in renowned rake Henry Drayton.

Believing her reputation ruined, and determined to enjoy the sin she’s already been punished for, Jeanette succumbs to Henry’s passion. Upon discovering Jeanette told the truth about her virtue, Henry asks for her hand.

The hasty marriage pleases neither of them. Jeanette wanted to marry for love, not convenience. A committed bachelor, Henry, believes he’s been duped. At night, their shared passion is addictive but by day, Henry seems to want nothing to do with his new wife. However, behind his cold demeanor lies a secret burden. He is one of few men who have noticed the rise in disappearances of London’s prostitutes.

Soon, Henry’s investigation into a profitable slave ring draws him and his associates into danger. When Jeanette’s inquisitive nature leads her to become caught up in it, Henry must reveal his heart or lose all that he holds dear.

Can a ruined woman and a renowned rake find love in their unlikely union?

London Libertines
Book 1 – Henry’s Bride
Book 2 – Hawthorn’s Wife
Book 3 – Roderick’s Widow

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