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HOT NEW RELEASE by Alanna Lucas! Book three in the Three Graces is available now.

And then there was one…

Evelina Grace, the last of the three Grace sisters, has vowed to only marry for love, and nothing less. But Fate intervenes.

Notorious rake, Lord James Raine, never overreacts. His sister may have eloped with the lowly third son of a viscount, but the situation provides him an opportunity to seduce Evelina Grace, Daisy’s friend. Since the moment he met her, he’s been unable to get the alluring beauty out of his mind.

When Evelina met James, she decided to avoid him at all cost, but through no fault of her own, he’s present at every turn, disrupting her thoughts and stirring unwanted feelings. However, when James confronts her at a social event regarding her involvement in his sister’s elopement, anger quickly turns to passion, then almost immediately sours. With just one touch of his lips, her fate is sealed when they’re caught in the act and James declares they’ll marry.

Evelina has vowed to wait for true love, and will not go into a forced marriage without a fight. She has her conditions—she’ll keep her freedom, engaging in a salon with the ladies of the ton she and her sisters entertain, as well as her dowry. James has no other choice but to agree, although he makes a demand of his own—he wants an heir. Now Evelina’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

She may be a wife in name only, but she despises her husband, and she’ll never allow him into her bed!

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