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HOT NEW RELEASE by Allison B. Hanson. Book one in Scots and Scoundrels is available now.

When your heart is on the line, you can’t afford to lose.

When Gia Landon is tricked into a London season by her father, she is pleased to have found a friend who shares her love of horses in the Duke of Roxburghe. The surly Scot enjoys living in London and hates the country, while Gia despises everything about society.

Hale knows Gia has no intention of marrying. She is simply biding her time until her father gives up and allows her to return to the country. Which means there is no danger in spending his days in her company discussing their one true love…race horses.

But soon, their shared love of all things equine begins to grow, and a friendship they thought was safe tempts them into crossing the line into scandal.

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Scots and Scoundrels
Book 1 – Winning Her Duke
Book 2 – Discovering Her Earl
Book 3 – Tempting Her Viscount

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