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HOT NEW RELEASE by C.H. Admirand! Book nine in The Duke’s Guard is available now.

In this Regency romance, amnesia and a marriage of convenience end in true love for this member of the Duke’s Guard.

Dermott O’Malley, The Duke’s Mercenary, expects trouble but not the lovely lass perched on the stone wall, arms spread, prepared to jump. He calls out a warning, and rushes to save her as she falls.

Caught in his arms, she opens her eyes, unable to tear her gaze from the devastatingly handsome man with the brilliant green eyes hovering above her. She blinks. Who is he? Her heart begins to pound…. Dear Lord, who is she?

The nameless woman captures Dermott’s heart, but trouble follows her from London.

As the threat against the lass with no memory increases, Dermott’s vow to protect her with his life is called to action until he realizes the only way to truly protect the lass is to marry her. But will the brave lass trust him with her heart and her love?

Danger stalks in the night, but it will have to get past The Duke’s Mercenary before he will let harm come to those he has sworn to protect with his strength, his honor, and his heart.

The Duke’s Guard: The men in black who have sworn an oath to protect the Duke of Wyndmere and his family from those who would stop at nothing to destroy him!

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