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HOT NEW RELEASE by C.H. Admirand! Book seven in The Duke’s Guard is available today.

“Let me be the man who loves ye, and makes love to ye, for the rest of our days. Say yes, lass.”

The Duke’s Guard: The men in black who have sworn an oath to protect the Duke of Wyndmere and his family from enemies that would stop at nothing to discredit and destroy him!

Ryan Garahan has given his vow to the Duke of Wyndmere, and nothing will deter him from his duty.

Fate has other plans the day Ryan reacts instantly to a cry for help. He races to the ancient oak at the edge of the village, glances up and notices two things at once: a pair of scuffed half boots and shapely stocking clad legs dangling directly above him.

He quickly averts his gaze, but cannot forget the heavenly sight of long, lithe legs adorned with white silk stockings—tied with scarlet ribbon garters—nor the curve of her delectable derrière!! He nearly swallows his tongue.

Prudence Barstow has been sent to the Borderlands as governess to her young twin cousins.

Prudence’s love of the outdoors, and her rambunctious young cousins’ constantly flaunting danger, has the trio being rescued more than once by Ryan. This time he fears he is too late, when he sees the lass slipping under the water as he sets the twin beside his brother on the bank of the pond.

Danger stalks in the night, but it will have to challenge The Duke’s Saber before he will let harm come to those he has sworn to protect with his strength, his honor, and his heart.

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