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HOT NEW RELEASE by Cara Maxwell! Book four in the Lady Knights series is available today.

The gentlemen of the ton may have returned from war, but the Lady Knights of England are just beginning…

The wallflower gets the duke? The coup of the Season has struck London! The mysterious Duke of Hawkridge has wed Miss Jacobson—and not the one you’re thinking of…

Miss Jane Jacobson has perfected the art of being a wallflower. As the second daughter of a viscount she has entry to all of the ton’s functions but no one pays her the least bit of attention. A less clever miss might be offended, but not Jane. She has weaponized her wallflower status in the service of the Crown. But someone makes a critical mistake and suddenly Jane is face to face with the rebellious Duke of Hawkridge.

This was supposed to be Roland’s last mission for the Crown before he retires to his long-neglected dukedom. Then he is tripped up by a wily debutante with a taste for danger. The Crown’s solution? That the seasoned scoundrel and ingénue Lady Knight work together to complete their mission.

He married a wallflower… and woke up to a firecracker in his bed.

Twenty years his junior and infuriatingly headstrong, Roland nonetheless finds himself yearning for the brazen Jane. And Miss Jacobson? She may appear quiet and demure … but when she sees what she wants nothing will stand in her way.

Not even the most dangerous quest of her career.

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Lady Knights
In Bed with a Blackguard
Lost to Lady Scandal
A Spinster’s Last Stand
The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

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