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HOT NEW RELEASE by Delphine Roy. Book one in Bleu Blanc Rogue is available now.

A wicked game of seduction turns into insatiable desire.

The last surviving member of his family after the Revolution, Guy de Cazal leads a life of decadent pleasure in Paris. But his past catches up with him when he agrees to a wicked wager with a notorious beauty—she will take him as a lover if he can seduce the innocent young lady his parents intended him to marry many years before.

Antonia Saint Yves dreams of overcoming her reserved nature and leaving the family nest before she well and truly becomes the spinster aunt. An invitation to attend a fashionable house party seems like the perfect opportunity, until she comes face to face with Guy, the object of her adolescent infatuation. Guy never even looked her way when she was a shy, awkward girl, but now the heat in his gaze is unmistakable… and impossible to resist.

In the midst of the Parisian beau monde and its appetite for scandal, Guy and Antonia engage in a game of dangerous deceit and insatiable desire.

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Bleu Blanc Rogue
Book 1 – Seduction at the Chateau
Book 2 – Obsession at the Opera
Book 3 – Passion at the Palais Royal

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