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HOT NEW RELEASE by E.L. Johnson! Book five in The Perfect Poison Murders is available now.

Sweet heiress Poppy Morton is finally engaged to the man she loves, but a former childhood love is out to steal him.

Poppy and her beloved Sergeant Henry Dyngley are engaged. But her future sister-in-law is dismissive of her humble origins and newly inherited wealth, and while Henry and his brother try to hide Poppy’s illegitimacy from their father, a former childhood love of Henry’s arrives, with a claim that they are in fact, engaged.

Miss Honoria Penwrith is everything Poppy is not; a former aristocrat from a family close to the Dyngleys who is now down on her luck, she is welcomed by the Dyngleys as one of their own. But despite Henry’s promise that he is loyal to Poppy, Miss Penwrith does everything she can to separate the happy couple.

On the eve of a storm, the families come together at the Dyngleys’ manor, when Poppy’s origin as the illegitimate daughter of a peer and his mistress is exposed, ruining all chances she has of marrying the man she loves. But when Sir Dyngley is attacked, a knife is left in a guest’s pillow, and Miss Penwrith’s wedding dress is ruined, trouble is afoot.

Trapped together until the storm lessens, no one is safe, and everyone is a suspect. Someone is causing little disturbances, but who? Could it be the ghost that stalks the halls? Amidst death, engagements, and dishonor, Poppy and Henry must find out who is behind this, or discover the true meaning of betrayal.

Welcome to the final book in the exciting new series The Perfect Poison Murders from bestselling author E.L. Johnson!

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