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HOT NEW RELEASE by Emily E.K. Murdoch! Book one The Chances is available now.

William Chance, Duke of Cothrom, is tired of fighting for his family’s reputation.

And it’s not like his wayward brothers do much to help. Rascals, rakes, and rogues, the lot of them—and William is always the one picking up the pieces and staving off scandal.

He needs stability. He needs calm. He needs certainty.

He doesn’t need a wild young woman launching herself into his arms and demanding that he marry her . . .

But marriage is precisely what Alice Fox-Edwards does need. After surviving a scandal four years ago, the threats of a blackmailer now mean she must find a protector—preferably one with lots of money.

An unlikely pairing, to be sure, but William decides that a wife will give him the balance he so desperately needs. Because Miss Fox-Edwards has no outrageous past, does she? Nothing that might upset his calm or set any tongues wagging. Surely, she wouldn’t lie about a thing like that . . .

Soon they’re fighting their feelings, fighting the truth, and fighting the disaster that fast approaches as secrets and lies—on both sides—threaten what could be a chance for happiness.

This novel begins the highly anticipated Chance family drama, with four brothers and just as many problems. Tropes include: fallen woman, marriage of convenience, blackmail, secrets, and of course, Emily E K Murdoch’s tried and true method of sizzling, joyful romance.

This full-length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

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