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HOT NEW RELEASE by Fil Reid! Book six in the Guinevere series is available today!

Guinevere: wise queen, brave warrior, passionate lover, dedicated mother… savior?

Twenty years have passed since Gwen fell back in time to become King Arthur’s Queen Guinevere. Eight years of comparative peace since the triumph at Badon. All seems quiet and, with Medraut long gone and possibly dead, the prospect of Camlann seems far away and perhaps just another part of the legend that’s not true.

Until Arthur and Gwen go to Viroconium for the Council of Kings and take Amhar, now eighteen, with them. There, he meets up with the very much alive-and-kicking Medraut again, who has not improved with the passage of time. Unable to prevent Amhar inviting Medraut back to Din Cadan with them, Gwen can only watch in fear as events begin to unroll that will lead to the one thing she’s been fearing throughout her time in the Dark Ages – the fateful battle of Camlann.

But before Camlann can rear its ugly head, news comes of the death of old King March of Caer Dore in Cornwall. Arthur, Gwen and their daughter travel west for his funeral rites. Accompanying them is the old king’s son, Drustans, whose one aim is to claim the kingship and reclaim the love of his life, Essylt, who was forced to marry his father instead of him nineteen years ago. But Gwen has seen this warrior’s grave marker in the far off twenty-first century, and she’s afraid this will not end well.

Gwen and Arthur’s love is about to be tested to its absolute limit as Medraut takes on the mantle of chief villain in the story, and all seems lost. The young man’s malevolent influence within the walls of Arthur’s stronghold grows, alienating the younger warriors, and in particular Amhar, from their elders, which is where Arthur finds himself. But when the odds are stacked against her, Gwen is at her strongest, and she’s armed with a foreknowledge no one else possesses.

When the day of Camlann finally arrives, can she prevent the tragedies that threaten to unfold and change the course of history and legend? Can she find the road to Avalon for Arthur?

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The Dragon Ring
The Bear’s Heart
The Sword
Warrior Queen
The Quest for Excalibur
The Road to Avalon

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