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HOT NEW RELEASE by Hildie McQueen! Book four in Rogues of the Lowland is available now.

When an egotistical wager collides between a Scottish Lord and an unconventional woman, he discovers that love doesn’t always play by the rules.

Meet Lord Miles Johnstone, a man often labeled as arrogant, elitist, and even a snob. However, beneath this exterior lies unwavering loyalty to those he holds dear. When he engages in a high-stakes wager with his closest friends to seduce a woman for a substantial sum of money, he is confident of success. The only hitch in his plan is his parents’ insistence on marriage and producing an heir. Balancing the pursuit of his wager with the need to fulfill his family’s expectations becomes an unexpected challenge when he literally collides with a woman who instantly captures his attention.

Enter Siobhan Blair, a woman unconcerned with societal norms and lacking prospects for marriage. Serendipity brings her face to face with the formidable Lord Miles Johnstone, sparking an instant attraction. Unfortunately, he becomes the target of her mother’s matchmaking efforts for her more socially equipped sister. Despite her aversion to marriage, Siobhan finds herself unable to bear the thought of the arrogant lord with someone else.

In a tale of unexpected connections and conflicting desires, will he choose a lifetime of solitude or risk everything for the woman who has captured his heart?

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Rogues of the Lowlands
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A Rogue to Forget
A Rogue to Cherish
A Rogue to Ensnare

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