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HOT NEW RELEASE by Hildie McQueen! Book three in the Rogues of the Lowlands is available today.

Can he abandon a life of opulence to follow his heart to be with someone who possesses nothing but the richness of love?

Grant Murray’s extravagant lifestyle is maintained by his string of lovers. Upon an opportunity to make his own wealth, Grant uses every charm in his arsenal to convince an older lover to gift him the money. The luster of his lifestyle dulls upon meeting a beautiful woman, who although a servant, her life is richer in ways his can never be. Grant comes to the realization that he can never actually be a free man unless he breaks the ties that bind him to his extravagant lifestyle. Will he make the sacrifice?

Wren Darrow is thankful for a place to live and work as a servant at a grand estate. When a handsome gentleman pursues her, she is wary of his intentions. Although he is kind to her, she is more than aware of the difference in their stations. Just as she begins to consider his courtship, she learns the horrible truth about his lifestyle. Her shattered heart demands she walk away but what about love?

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Rogues of the Lowlands
A Rogue to Reform
A Rogue to Forget
A Rogue to Cherish
A Rogue to Ensnare

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